Destiny 2 has consistency been one of the most played live services games throughout the years, and as players embark during the Lightfall DLC, the current raid has been fantastic for players.

However, with Season of The Deep slowly apporaching, Bungie has now shed some light on some of the content coming with Season 21.

Here's what we know!

All Changes In Destiny 2 Season 21 Season of The Deep

The annual release of the new season was set to come out around the middle of May, but with Season of The Deep, Bungie has outlined some notable changes coming to the new Season.

We're going to run over these below.  


With Season of the Deep almost upon us, and with all the information we have already shared about it, some of you might need a refresher. Worry not, we are here to help.


Economy might sound boring at first, but when you start noticing how many things in the game depend on it... well, you start paying more attention to how it fluctuates. At the start of Season 21, we will have several updates to Destiny 2 economy. You can read in detail about them on the May 4 TWAB, but here’s a recap of the major changes:

  • Rahool Exotic Engram Focusing: you can decrypt or focus Exotic engrams, with Tier 1 and Tier 2 options.
  • Weapon Deepsight activation: there’s a new currency called Deepsight Harmonizer.
  • Changes to crafting costs: Legendary Shards are no longer required.


During Season 20, we introduced a lot of changes to weapons, as well as special reticles that better represent the perks and different firing patterns that some of them have. We are doubling down on that for Season 21, with more informative and more visible reticles at high field of view (FOV) for Fusion Rifles, Hand Cannons, Sidearms and Trace Rifles, as well as special ones for several Exotics, like Devil’s Ruin’s charged shot or Lumina’s Noble Rounds.

There are also some Exotic weapons buffs (Worldline Zero is back), reworks (Salvation’s Grip), some nerfs (Thunderlord was cheating a bit) and some damages fixes (Winterbite was scolded). And of course, there’s also adjustments to some Legendary archetypes and perks. You can read all about it in the weapon preview article that went live yesterday.


For abilities, the best you can do is go and read the preview article we published on May 3. Lots of buffs for Supers on PvE, more Fragments slots for several Aspects, improved melees for Strand as well as lower cooldowns for Grapple, a few buffs to Stasis, and a long, very long etcetera.


Same story as with abilities. We have an in-depth article about the changes coming to more than 20 Exotic armor pieces. There are some big buffs in there, as well as complete reworks and a few nerfs to bring some outliers into line.


We are also introducing several Quality of Life (QoL) updates in Season 21. Here's a list of them, with further details available in the May 4 TWAB. 

  • New Vanguard bounties.
  • Finest Matterweave and Rainmaker can now be consumed to earn the associated material.
  • Good Boy Protocol coming back to the Tower.
  • Certain Triumphs now boost the raid Exotic drop rate in The Last Wish, Deepstone Crypt, Vow of the Disciple, Vault of Glass, and Kingsfall. And they are retroactive.


In addition to bringing the classic Meltdown PvP map into rotation, we are making several changes and updates to how Trials of Osiris will work in Season 21. Our intention is to make a more rewarding game mode without taking away the challenge.

  • Flawless Pool is being replaced by the new Practice Pool and Challenger Pool.
  • There’s a new Trials quest for new players.
  • Some Trials passages have been adjusted to provide a better experience.
  • Elimination is out and Dominion will be the core game mode for Trials.
  • Gilding the Flawless Seal has new requirements.

There’s plenty of information about it in the May 4 TWAB in case you want more.


Just two weeks ago, we teased the new Aspects coming to Strand in Season 21 as part of a new quest in which Lightfall owners will learn more about the Veil in Neomuna and earn a new Legendary weapon. We felt like you wanted to see a bit more, so even though you will be able to test them by yourself in a few days, we recorded some short videos so you know what to expect and you can start thinking of new builds. Enjoy.


Activate your class ability to leave behind a decoy woven from Strand matter that draws the attention of nearby combatants. After taking significant damage or when combatants approach, the decoy detonates, dealing damage and releasing Threadlings that seek out and attack nearby foes.


While sliding, activate your charged melee ability to leap into the air, knocking nearby targets away and dealing damage. While airborne, activate your charged melee again to launch a cluster of damaging, unraveling projectiles. Repeatedly activating melee will chain additional throws.


Tangles you throw attach to enemies and detonate into a suspending burst. Threadling final blows create a Tangle.