November 28, 2020

Among Us continues to be one of the hottest games around.  With more influencers, streamers, and regular players getting in on the action, the game’s reach continues to grow.  That means Innersloth, the team behind the game, has more reasons than ever to keep the game going.  Millions upon millions are hurtling through space trying to survive, and everyone from crewmates to imposters are eager to see what’s next.

Just a few days back, Among Us players were treated to a new patch that included features that fundamentally change how the game is played.  The good news is that these added mechanics are optional.  You’re free to continue playing Among Us with your favorite settings and house rules, but now you have even more elements to tweak.  Mixing in these new changes with your current custom setups could provide a whole new way to have fun. One of the biggest elements added in Among Us’ recent update is the anonymous voting option.  Previously, players would be able to see the colors of crewmates that voted for them.  This could lead to some alliances, as well as heated situations.  Now you can skip that situation altogether by going anonymous.  Turning on this feature will still showcase how many players voted to oust a crewmate, but instead of showing colored character icons, you’ll see a list of grey crewmates.  This lets players keep their votes a secret, which could certainly play to the favor of both crewmates and the imposters.  It also creates a whole new meta-game that players are sure to exploit for unique situations.

The second big feature included in this update gives brand-new options for the Task Bar.  Among Us players know that the game’s Task Bar can be key to sussing out who the killers are.  When you’re watching a crewmate as they take on a job, the Task Bar will tick up when it’s completed.  If that bar doesn’t move, it’s quite likely the crewmate is faking it.  New Task Bar options now make it so that the Task Bar progress is only shown during meetings, or can be hidden altogether.  Again, this change can completely shift traditional gameplay dynamics.

Finally, Among Us’ latest update also includes a number of bug fixes and small tweaks.  If you’re playing on the MIRA HQ map, sabotaging COMMS will now clear out the security log.  The fixing wires task now includes symbols for a new element, and cosmetics have been added to the meeting screen.  Nothing too major here, but some nice quality of life improvements that make the game more enjoyable overall.

That’s pretty much it for this update to Among Us, but fans still have something very big to look forward to.  Innersloth has confirmed that a future update for Among Us is going to add in what could be the most requested feature yet.  

Among Us only has three maps as of right now, but a fourth is officially in the works.  According to the devs, this map is looking to be the biggest one yet, and it’s going to introduce all sorts of new tasks for crewmates to tackle.  Best of all, this map will be added for free!  Now all players have to do is find a way to survive until the map launches!