Coming Soon

Season 12 of Apex Legends is right around the corner and throughout the leadup to the new season, the aniticipation has been building like never before.

With Mad Maggie on the way, and changes to some of the maps in the rotation, we also may be getting a new heirloom!

Apex Legends Warriors Collection Start Date

Teased in the new roadmap Respawn released in preperation for the new season, we now known that we're going to be getting a Warriors Collection event this season.

However, we don't truley know as of now, but it shouldn't be long.

New Heirloom

Most Apex players are well aware that during the Collection Events, players will be able to earn and purchase some incredible skins and cosmetic items for weapons.

This is where the fun in the events happens, but theres also another feature that we're just as excited for.

Usually, a new Heirloom for a Legend is released during this time, and many have suspected Crypto is going to be getting one.

Mainly due to the changes coming to his character this season, no better way to increase his pick rate than a fresh buff and Heirloom!