The future is now?

Apex Legends is the talk of the town recently, both for good and bad. While the game has been attacked by some hackers and servers have been having some stability issues, there's a lot to look forward to.

After the Thrillseekers event finishes, we'll be a few weeks shy of Season 10 starting.

Respawn devs are also discussing future updates and changes coming to the game - particularly around Ranked and a Replay Mode.

Devs Discuss The Future Of Apex Legends


Respawn's John 'JayBiebs' Larson has commented on some potential changes that could come to the competitive mode.

Speaking on the Apex Uncut podcast, the dev suggested that increasing the level requirement for Ranked is one of the more "feasible" changes.

JayBiebs wasn't convinced on the addition of two-factor authentication. "From what I've heard, I don't think two-factor authenitcation works quite as well as some may believe it to, because you can always spoof."

Despite that, he did confirms some action is being taken to clean up ranked.

As for RP decay, it's reportedly something Respawn are aware of and are looking into. This is due to players achieveing a high spot in ranked and hogging those spots without playing.

Lastly, Map Rotations have been suggested by the community, by JayBiebs claims that despite considering it it has its drawbacks such as RP farming.

Replay Mode

JayBiebs crushed the dreams of many fans hoping for a Replay mode.

"That would be quiet an undertaking from a dev side of things, and I'm not sure the warrants it, at least at this point in time. So, I would not promise anything on that front."

It would likely cause an additional amount of stress on the servers and potentially hinder the gameplay experience.

Considering the game wasn't made with these features to begin with, it would be even more difficult to implement.

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