Apex Legends Season 14 has launched, and the addition of Vantage has shaken up the meta quite a bit.

With new weapons, but changes to the floor loot and what weapons appear in Supply Drop, it appears Respawn has made a mistake with one of the guns.

Yes, we're talking about the return of the infamous Double Pump Peacekeeper glitch, and we're going to run over how to perform this move within Apex Legends.

Apex Legends 'Double Pump' Glitch Is Back Again

This has been a problem within the past, as in previous Apex seasons, the Peacekeeper has been proven as broken, with other instances of Double Pump.

Once again, this seems to be the case, as players have noticed that it's returned to some degree, as it's been noted that it's more complicated than in previous seasons, but still doable.

Slippery and Mokey were one of the first people to showcase this on Twitter, and players have identified that this Double Pump can be performed by doing the following.

Shoot > reload > swap to secondary > swap back to PK/Sentinel

So, until Respawn devise a hotfix for this, keep using it and let us know if it's working within your Apex matches!