Apex Legends Season 14 has landed, and with the release of every new Apex season, there's bound to be some bugs and glitches that players will run into.

However, the bug that has emerged at the onset of Season 14, is truley one of a kind.

Here's what we know about character's getting the wrong abilties within Apex.

New Apex Legends Glitch Is Giving Character's The Wrong Abilities

There's no denying that Apex is one of the premier battle royales within the gaming space in recent times, but, this doesn't mean they're perfect.

Everyone has their mis-steps and this new glitch is for sure one of the funniest we've seen in quite some time out of a games season release.

Bascially, the glitch is allowing players to use a Legend, but have another one's abilities. There's numerous examples of it, such as this one posts to Reddit, where the user is playing as Newcastle, but has Vantage's abilities.

It's quite funny to say the least, and while it's annoying if you're playing Ranked or what not, we can assume Respawn will have this patched in no time.