Apex Legends Season 14 has launched, and the addition of Vantage has shaken up the meta quite a bit.

She's been particularly exceptional in regards to marking enemies from range, and one legend, Mirage has been at the end of this.

Here's why Mirage players aren't happy with the recent addition of Vantage.

Mirage Players Aren't Happy With Vantage In Apex Legends Season 14

The recon sniper Vantage has some unique abilites to say the least, and while players have been able to use her ability to scount where enemies are hiding throughout the map, she's been effective moreso versus Mirage.

As most of you know, Mirage's decoy's can be rather annoying, and it's always a guessing game into which ones the actual player.

But, there's an easy counter to this ability now, and it has upset Mirage mains worldwide.

Bascially, as soon as Mirage pops his decoy's, Vantage can use her recon, and mark which one is the actual player, essentially making his ultimate useless.

Of course, Mirage mains aren't happy with this and have taken to Reddit to express their dismay with the season launch.

User Physical-Spite-728 noted 'As a mirage main we’re very much used to getting shafted to high hell every new season so this is nothing new. Carry on.'