A new exploit is here

Apex Legends Season 12 has launched worldwide and with Apex just hitting its most active players on Steam ever, its safe to say the games in a good spot as of now.

With players going back to Olympus the season has been rather calm since it was released, but now, a brand new exploit has emerged that has given players unlimited speed.

New Apex Legends Speed Exploit Is Breaking The Game

This isn't the first time we've seen a speed glitch within Apex Legends, but in the past, they've been limited to one or two Legends and were rather hard to acheive.

Now, this new exploit is avaliable for all Legends within the game, making it immensly broken, and worriesome of Apex doesn't fix this anytime soon.

Bascially, all players need to do, is to have two weapons and then hang off a ledge. Then you have to remove the attachements on each weapon and swap the weapon slots a few times.

Finally, you have to press your Ultimate ability key and melee at the same time, allowing you to activate this speed boost.

Check it out below thanks to RossBobSquirrel.