Coming Soon

Season 14 of Apex Legends will be coming soon! But like every Season of Apex Legends, they must make way for the next big thing. There is still time to blast through the current state of Apex Legends, but here’s everything you need to know about the arrival of Season 14.

When Does Season 14 of Apex Legends Begin?

Season 14 has a now confirmed release date of August 9th, 2022 as Respawn have confirmed this date via a new blog post/update to their page.

Patch Notes

New news into the patch notes and changes coming to Season 14 as of now, but we'll be sure to update this when we hear more news.

  • Level Cap to increase
New Legend: 'Vantage'

During the massive Apex Legends leak a while back, we got some insight to all the Legends coming to the future of the game.

The next Legend to enter the forray of Apex should be 'Vantage" a master sniper who'll have some amazing offensive abilties.

During this leak we got to uncover the new Legend's abilites which can be viewed down below.

  • Passive ⁠— Sniper Kit: Tactical info available in ADS unarmed or any long-range scopes (Legend name, shield rarity, team size, and range).
  • Tactical ⁠— Echo Launch: Launch towards your winged companion, Echo. Order Echo by tapping Q. Launch to Echo by holding Q.
  • Ultimate ⁠— Mark to Kill: A custom rifle that scans enemies and boosts damage for Vantage and her squad. Damage doubles for Vantage on successive shots. The team gets a 15% bonus on marked targets.