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Season 15 of Apex Legends will be coming soon! But like every Season of Apex Legends, they must make way for the next big thing. There is still time to blast through the current state of Apex Legends, but here’s everything you need to know about the arrival of Season 15.

However, in preperation for the release of the new season, be sure to get geared up with our Roccat Burst Pro Air mouse!

When Does Season 15 of Apex Legends Begin?

Season 15 has a now confirmed release date of November 1st, 2022.

Patch Notes


Just in time for the Holidays, we are excited to introduce a new way for players to show appreciation to their friends in Apex Legends with Gifting! Before Gifting becomes available at the launch of Eclipse on November 1st, we wanted to give players a heads-up on how it works.

First off; you must have Login Verification <provide hyperlink> turned on, be at least account level 10, and be in-game friends with those you want to give to. to send or receive Gifts, your account must be in good standing and both you and your friend must have been friends for at least 2 weeks before you can give or receive gifts from each other("if you've already been in-game friends for 2 weeks" prior to the launch of gifting you can start gifting straight away). Once the requirements are met you can give a Gift to a friend regardless of what platform they play on!

Selecting a gift for your friends is simple: Gifts can be acquired with Apex Coins from the Store tabs at launch, and range from single items like legend and weapon skins to bundles. You can give up to five Gifts every 24 hours so you can be generous in showing your friends that you appreciate them!

When you are ready to surprise your friend with that special something, all you need to do is navigate to the item you want to give to your friend, confirm you have enough Apex Coins for the Gift you wish to get, select your friend’s username from your friends list, and press the “Gift” button after confirming all details. That’s it and all that’s left is waiting for your friends to discover their new Gift from you! Isn’t giving fun? Gifts are final and not refundable, so make sure you’re gifting to the right account on the right platform and friends who are not banned.

When you receive a gift it will be added to your inventory and you will be notified through your inbox in the game.

We hope players will enjoy Gifting when it launches on November 1st and show some love to their fellow Legends!

For more information check out our FAQ on Gifting here.

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New Legend: 'Catalyst'

During the massive Apex Legends leak a while back, we got some insight to all the Legends coming to the future of the game.

The next Legend to enter the forray of Apex should be 'Catalyst" a terraformer who has the power to control all around her.

During this leak we got to uncover the new Legend's abilites which can be viewed down below.

  • Passive: Reinforce
    • Standing near your ferrofluid structures, doors, and other Legends placeables will strengthen their integrity and allow them to take significantly more damage.
  • Tactical: Ferro Shot
    • On impact, the shot creates a ramp of hardened ferrofluid that can be extended with more shots. Can also be used to create platforms on walls. (Max 3 structures)
  • Ultimate: Iron Tower
    • Ferrofluid rises up from below pushing you upwards while creating a tall solid column under you.
What Time Does Apex Legends Season 15 Release
  • 10:00 am PST
  • 7:00 pm CEST
  • 1:00 pm EST
Apex Legends Season 15 New Map - Broken Moon

Hello, I’m Randolph Stayer, Principal Level Designer on Broken Moon, the fifth map for Apex Legends™.


Broken Moon is a terraforming project commissioned by the Cleo Recovery Council, as a result of the catastrophic meteor impact that occurred in 2708. With the help of the Boreas Science Division, the moon became a habitable environment by 2715. To further fund colonization, the government entered into a contract with the Syndicate to bring the Apex Games to the moon. Broken Moon is similar in size to World’s Edge and features a wide array of terrain: both extra-terrestrial and borderline familiar. Locations range from glamorous gardens, to a gigantic terraforming machine, to a filthy wharf. Let’s look at the location breakdown.


A fast, predictable way to get from one location to another and effectively outrun the ring, these rails are set up along predetermined paths to quickly move from one POI to the next. Players can get through some particularly challenging rotations and even move within points of some of the larger landmarks. While riding the rails you have all the same functions available to you as a zip line—but with increased speed and momentum.


The moon is packed with large POIs that offer comfortable landing spots for multiple squads, allowing time to loot before the first shots are fired. Zip Rails also offer an effective means of closing the gap quickly or escaping a risky situation.


Constructed to prevent the moon from dying, the Terraformer is a massive symmetrical structure that resides off-center of the map. It is a “king-of-the-hill” drop location with loot throughout, which supports up to 4 teams with comfortable landing spots. The central position of power can be used to effectively defend from within the walls, but there are ways to infiltrate and overthrow the team in power.



A completely asymmetrical space with a central honeypot of loot, the Stasis Net Array area provides plenty of ways to escape and flank the main structure—or retreat and move the fight. The particle beam emitting from this location is what keeps floating moon debris from crashing down into Boreas as well as the moon itself.


Over time, the Atmostations have created a breathable atmosphere on Cleo. Research buildings to the left and right offer landing spots for players to loot and assault the main tower structure. Pass through the narrow bridge or take the Zip Rails to the top. Nearby water silos can be a safer location, should there be too much heat elsewhere.


As the sole source of power on the moon, this huge area supports big fights and multiple landings. The Core itself is the main seat of power here, but it can also easily be attacked. The uplift from the turbine below and the surrounding Zip Rails can offer unique escape strategies.


A tightly packed set of circular structures with playable rooftops, there are plenty of opportunities for vertical flanking along with sneaky healing spots in Bionomics. Originally a research facility built to study strange fauna, some experimental regrowth still populates the abandoned area.



The Divide is a clustered spot of vertical houses filled with loot, separated by bridges and connected by Zip Rails. It was one of the first towns on Cleo but was split due to continued instability on the moon. This is a fast-paced, high-energy location where skills on Zip Rails can lead to a quick victory.


The site of the first moon landing, Alpha Base’s densely packed lunar buildings rest inside a giant moon-crater. Exterior walls keep the fights contained, and the tight interior spaces require a big commitment.


A vast open space that serves as a memorial of the tragic event on Boreas, Eternal Gardens is home to a long-range field of flowers and trenches. It has a central tower that contains the only Jump Tower on the moon. Meant as a means of celebration, it is also a crafty way to reposition for a fight or rotate to another zone.


A symmetrical space built for mid-range combat and connected by a bridge and Zip Rail, the parallel structures at Breaker Wharf is packed with multiple layers of verticality and the means to reposition between them. Flanked by additional Zip Rails, it’s also an easy way to rotate to another POI.



Production Yard is another large location on the map, with a bullseye landing pad and two adjacent landings on the extent of this T-shaped structure. There is lots of loot nestled within the corridors here with a central honeypot to fight over.



This large POI features a divided central hub, split by two long arms filled with loot and enough landing spots for 4 teams. The integrated Zip Rails at the Foundry allow players to quickly travel across to the main hub or to reposition for a fight. This is where ferrofluid is refined and used to patch parts of the moon to avoid further deterioration.


This entirely asymmetrical location is divided by a short bridge, which also acts as a funnel for rotation between the two halves of Dry Gulch. The gulch features fast, multilayered fights with tightly packed interior spaces



The source for all moon food, Cultivation is made up of a low-lying collection of circular greenhouses that connects to a large central greenhouse: the seat of power in this location. Easily defendable on all sides, the waterways cutting through this zone offer sneaky routes to loot up and assault the main structure undetected.



The Promenades is the place where most moon dwellers reside and get their supplies. This huge vertically visible landmark is a focused hallway fight with Zip Rails throughout. Flank routes pocket the interior space, while the exterior is the main central funnel between the north and south of the map.


The team is incredibly proud of the work that has gone into making Broken Moon as magical as it is. For the first time in Apex Legends, you’ll be soaring through the map at high speeds, banking around corners, and building up momentum as you feel the rush of the Zip Rails. Cut it close like never before—whether it's to find the next fight, escape a closing ring, or speedily scoop up more loot. I'm excited to share all of our hard work with all of you!