Skull bash

Long-time Apex Legends players will remember Skull Town, the fan-favorite spot on Kings Canyon that was the place to go to get quick kills and lots of loot.

Skull Town was taken off the map a while back as the company tried to keep things fresh for players; but, now it’s back and better than ever.

Season 9 brought the area back and for newer players, the area can be a bit daunting. Even veteran players might need some tips on how to play the map now that new legends have been introduced.

Let’s hop into what makes Skull Town so good - and so difficult to play if you’re not prepared. Here's our ultimate guide!

High Paced

If you’re playing in the generic battle royale mode of the game, then Skull Town can be a very confusing place to drop. There will be enemy squads everywhere, but if you can survive the chaos in the beginning, you can get some great loot. That’s the reason Skull Town was, and is, such a popular drop area for Kings Canyon.

With so many enemy squads, you have to be prepared to fight from the second you hit the ground (and potentially before). If you’re not too confident in your gunplay, use this as a chance to practice or use a practice tool before dropping in.

The skull that the area is centered around is a place players can actually get up on. The high ground is generally beneficial, but you have to play your cards right - you don’t want to get shot down because you’re at a central location.

The skull (and the rest of the skeleton) is also a good place to take cover, which is especially important when you notice an enemy

Watch Our For Valkyrie

The last time Skull Town was available, Valkyrie wasn’t in the game yet. Given that she’s already considered a bit busted to most players, Valkyrie’s a powerful opponent, or ally, around Skull Town.

Her passive ability, which lets her fly, lets her rain down bullets from the sky if she finds loot fast enough. The high ground is generally going to be the better place to be, even if it’s the skull in Skull Town; add Valkyrie’s height, and things can get crazy quickly.

As if her passive isn’t enough to worry about, Valkyrie’s tactical ability, Missile Swarm, can take the chaos and confusion of Skull Town up a notch. If she’s able to charge, all she has to do is hit enemies with her missiles. Not only do they do damage, but they disorientate you, too.

If you play Valkyrie, then this could be a powerful place for you to drop. If you and none of your squad play Valkyrie, it might be a challenge trying to duke it out with enemies.

Best Loot Spot

Most loot spots worth checking are indoors and tend to be in the centre. Overall, Skull Town tends to have Mid Tier loot, which is handy as your get started.

Skull Town is almost set up like a plus or cross and you can land at any of the edges of that layout and grab loot while you work your way inward.

The best spot likely being the east points as there are a number of Loot Supply Bins here.

However, there's plenty of loot in the outer areas, where you'll be able to encounter Loot Supply Bins.


Skull Town In Arena

Playing Skull Town in Arenas is as fun and quick as it is challenging. Because the game mode is three versus three in a best-of-three scenario, the games run pretty quickly.

On top of that, Skull Town generally sets itself up for quick kills, so the rounds go by even quicker than normal.

Skull Town has plenty of buildings to hide around in, which can either be the greatest blessing or your worst downfall. If you find yourself struggling, there are a few major ways to try to make a turnaround.

Succeeding In Skull Town

First, make sure you're not setting yourself up for bad gunfights. When you’re trading bullets in an enclosed area, it’s important to position yourself in a way that doesn’t leave your back open. This way you can focus on what’s in front of you instead of worrying about (or getting taken out) by enemies on your backside.

While you do have teammates in Arenas, they can’t really watch your back very easily on Skull Town. Between all the building entrances and vertical buildings that take up space, it’s hard to watch your team’s backsides.

On the flip side, because watching out for enemies is tricky, it’s more important than ever to use sound queues to get you through Skull Town rounds. Even if you don’t have a top-tier headset, you should be able to see enemies coming and get a general sense of direction, too.

Don’t be afraid to rely on senses other than sight - that’s how you can take your Apex Legends gameplay to the next level.

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