Apex Legends Season 14 has landed, and with the release of every new Apex season, there's been some changes to the overall map rotation

With the revamped King's Canyon now in play, some Apex players are wondering when Olympus is going to return.

Here's all we know!

When Is Olympus Returning In Apex Legends

Olympus has risen to become one of the most beloved maps within the current Apex pool, as it offers a unique balance compared to World's Edge and King's Canyon.

However, with the removal of the map at the beginning of Season 14, it doesn't look good for fans of this map.

For those who don't already know, Respawn usually remove one of the maps at the start of each season, and work on it throughout.

This can either be making changes to the construction of the map, or adding some minor details here and there.

So for now, look ahead to the onset of Season 15 for any news pertaining to the return of Olympus.