Apex Legends Season 12 has just launched worldwide and with Apex just hitting its most active players on Steam ever, its safe to say the games in a good spot as of now.

With players going back to Olympus we aren't going to be getting the three vaults we've seen on Worlds Edge. Howerver, there is a vault on the map, where players will have to find a keycard!

Apex Legends: Where To Find The Bridge Keycard on Olympus

For those who don't know, Olympus features one vault on the map that players will be able to loot incredible items from.

This is located at the POI called Icarus, and its easily regonizable by th bridge itself and now with Season 12, there' seem to be havoc caused on this POI.

In order to open the vault that lies at this location, players will have to land at the spot, and look around the fallen bodies of soliders around the location.

It shouldn't take long, but once this is finished, you'll be able to use the key to open the bridge!