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Modern Warfare 2 is the latest installment within the iconic franchise, and with the game now fully released, we've got our eyes turned to Warzone 2.

The next iteration of CODs battle royale is coming soon, and we're going to runover if the fan favorite loadouts are going to be within the game.

Here's what we know!

Are Loadouts In Warzone 2? Full Details and More

For those who haven't played Warzone, loadouts are essentially your customized class that players will be able to use during a match of Warzone.

This creates a wide array of metas and weapons to use, and to obtain your loadout typically in Warzone, it'll usually cost $10,000.

While there was a circulating rumor that Warzone 2 wouldn't feature loadouts, as during the COD NEXT event back in September, they weren't within the current build that creators were playing.

A new leak by Zleaguegg has noted that loadouts are confirmed to be returning when the game mode releases on November 16th, 2022.

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