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Back 4 Blood paid homage to the classic Left 4 Dead titles when it released back during October of 2021, as the game bolsters some amazing fun to be had with friends.

While the game has a bunch to do in each mission, the developers have already revealed the games first roadmap.

Here's all that's coming to Back 4 Blood in the near future.

Back 4 Blood Reveals New Roadmap

Turtle Rock Studios have seemingly planned a ton of content for player's to check out and look forward too within the coming months.

As, the roadmap that they've posted details some of the free quality of life updates coming to Back 4 Blood, along with the first DLC that's currently planned for early 2022.

As of now, we know this DLC is going to be called Tunnels of Terror, and doesn't have a set release date yet.

Some other notable additions are coming to the game, ones such as new Cards, Supply Lines, and Weapons.

One other feature that's peaked our interest is coming sometime in 2022, and this is the addition of a brand new difficulty level.

You can view the entire roadmap down below.