Hear all, defeat all

Battlefield 2042 is now here, and while the three year wait for many players was one that was tremendous, the wait has been well worth it for gamers.

However, like most games when you initially load them up, the settings aren't quite right. Meaning you're more than likely going to need to tinker with some of the settings.

We're going to run over some of the best audio settings we've determined throughout Battlefield 2042, which should enable you to have a smoother experience with the game.

Best Audio Settings in Battlefield 2042

While audio isn't going to be as pivotal in Battlefield as it would in other titles such as CS:GO or Valorant, it's still going to be something you fine tune when loading the game up.

As with the default 100 set to all audio settings, the game is blistering loud across the board, and the audio mix levels aren't set to the right output we've found.

Below is a rundown of the best audio settings, along with a screenshot of the in-game calibration upon first loadup and the audio levels we think are best for 2042.

  •   Master Volume
    • 90
  • Music
    • 80
  • Sound Effects
    • 90
  • In-game Announcer
    • 80-85
  • Audio Mix
    • 3D Headphones or War Tapes

While these are subject to your preferred liking, there is one way you can ensure you have the best audio quality, and that's by using our ROCCAT Syn Pro Air headset!