Battlefield 2042 is now out in the wild, and players have been waiting to jump back into a new Battlefield title for over three years now.

With a major emphasis on weather dynamics and destructible environment, there's one map in particular that has a unique mechanic.

Yes, we're talking about Orbital, the map showcased during the beta and we're going to run over how you'll be able to destroy the rocket once it begins it's launch sequence.

How To Destroy The Rocket in Battlefield 2042

For those who don't know, within the map Orbital is an massive rocket that will take flight at a random time throughout the game.

This will cause seismic clouds of steam to flow from the bottom of the rocket and players won't be able to see much if they're in front of it.

However, a way to destroy this rocket has been uncovered by players and its rather easy to accomplish.

It's rather easy to destroy the rocket, but you'll need a collective effort in order to do so.

Once the rocket is exposed from its casing, you and other players will need to relentlessly fire rockets, tank ammo and other high damaging explosives' into it.

If you do this enough, the rocket will explode!