Improve your gameplay!

The latest installment of the Battlefield series is always one that fans of the franchise look forward too each year. This time around, Battlefield 2042 is the newest entry, and it's finally arrived for players to dive into.

With many of you more than likely jumping into the game, it's going be a challenge at first glance. That's why we're going to run over some tips and tricks for Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Tips And Tricks

Like any Battlefield, it has some mechanics that if you want to succeed within a match, you're going to want to get the hand of.

As well, with it being the first iteration of the series in three year, you've more than likely forgotten some of the basic tips that make the game more enjoyable.

We're going to run over some standard tips and tricks for the game, that will have you fragging in no time!

Use the Medic Class

The Medic Specialist is regarded as one of the premier choices, as not only will you be able to revive allies who are down on the ground.

But, you're also able to use a healing gun, that can be used on either yourself or other players!

Turn Off Motion Blur And Screen Shake

Perhaps one of the more annoying features within the game, both of these come enabled straight away. So, if you don't want your game moving around blurry or your screen shaking from time to time, we highly recommend turning these off right away.

With it on will hinder your performance and greatly distract you from shooting the enemy.

Learn to Fly

Flying on keyboard and mouse is one of the trickiest mechanics to master within Battlefield, so if you have a controller we highly recommend plugging it in for flying only.

If you're a competent piolet, then it'll be a breeze taking down enemies from the sky.

Play Aggressive, With Your Squad

Battlefield's maps are absolutely massive and if you're playing breakthrough you're not going to want to push into enemy territory all by yourself, as that's a death wish.

So, when we mean play aggressive we mean with your team, as overwhelming your enemies with numerous forces is going to be the key to taking an objective.

If you get outnumbered you'll give up free kills and have no-one to revive you.

Change your FOV

Last but not least, and we can't recommend this enough, change your FOV as soon as you jump into a match. It'll make seeing enemies a lot easier, and you'll thank us for this later down the line.