Vanguard has been the latest release into the legendary Call of Duty franchise, and once again players are able to dive into a WW2 themed game, where the series first started.

Now the integration between Vanguard and the new Warzone Pacific has happened, and there's a ton of new content for players to dive into.

With all of Vanguard's weapons coming into the game, there's been a lot of choices for players to pick from.

Assault Rifles are still premier within the game and we're going to run over the best ones right now!

Best Assault Rifles In Warzone Right Now

With the sheer size and density of Caldrea, players will have trouble using an SMG in most situations, so it appears ARs are king once again.

Thankfully, theres a ton of them that are wicked to use within the game, and Warzone seems to be in a decent spot, weapon wise.

As theres a ton of powerful ones, and no one weapon seems to overpowered.

With all this said, we think there are around three ARs that are unquestionablly the best in Warzone right now, and we're going to post them below with loadouts linked!