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Audio is one of the big factors within any multiplayer game, but it's vitally important within battle royales such as Warzone.

As throughout the game, you're going to need to have all ears when roaming around buildings to get intel on whether or not enemies are nearby.

Warzone offers player's a decent amount of settings within the game that they can fine tune with, and we're going to breakdown some of the best audio settings within Warzone.  

Best Audio Settings For Warzone

If you're new to Warzone, or you're just looking to optimize your game, there's various settings that you can tinker with that will amplify your game.

These audio settings will allow you to greatly benefit while playing the game, and using certain headsets as our Syn Pro Air will also payoff in the long run.

Here's the best audio settings for Warzone and how high/low you should have each setting on within the game.

Set your audio to 'Boost High' and change your volume settings to the following:

  • Music Volume
    • 0
  • Dialogue Volume
    • 65
  • Master Volume
    • 90
  • Effects Volume
    • 95
  • War Tracks Volume
    • 35
  • Audio Mix
    • High Boost
  • Voice Chat
    • Enabled
  • Voice Chat Volume
    • 100

There's some other settings within Warzone that won't affect your audio too much, but the above ones we've listed will surely help your game!