When most of us first load up a new online game, our first instinct is to tinker with some of the in-game settings that you'd want to change.

Finding the best key-binds and mouse settings is one of the many settings within Warzone, and espicially with the release of the Pacific themed map, Caldera.

Here's the best keyboard and mouse settings you should try out for Warzone Pacific!

Best Keyboard And Mouse Settings For Warzone Pacific

Mouse Settings

While at the end of the day your key-binds within Warzone Pacific should be determined by what you're most comfortable with. There are some binds you should be test out that we're going to recommend that we think will help your game along the way.

As well, in regards to mouse settings the best tip we can give you is your sensitivity. Depending on your DPI, test out some varying sensitivities to find the one that will allow you to flick from side to side at an optimal speed.  

Keyboard Settings

Onto key-binds, below are some that you should test out, as they'll allow you to have certain mechanics on keys that will be easier to hit than others.

  • Reload
    • R
  • Interact
    • E or F
  • Equipment
    • Side Mouse Button or G
  • Sprint
    • Shift
  • Crouch
    • C
  • Melee
    • V or Side Mouse Button
  • Autorun
    • N
  • Prone
    • Z
  • Tactical
    • Q

These are the main key-binds you'll use while playing Warzone and the side mouse buttons will come in handy. Speaking of mice, our Kone Pro Air has some stellar side buttons that'll be ultra-responsive for your gameplay.