New details have emerged!

Warzone 2 is the next iteration of the battle royale, and with Infinity Ward pulling out the red carpet to reveal the game fully, we've got tons to talk about.

One unique aspect surrounding the game this time around is how circles are going to work.

Here's the new end-game circles coming in Warzone 2!

How Do Circles Work In Warzone 2?

In the previous iteration of Warzone, players were accustomed to the standard closing circles that most battle royales have had since the early days of PUB:G.

Now, within Warzone 2, it appears they're aiming to shake up the style of play towards the end of the game.

Infinity Ward noted the following.

In some games, the circle collapse will behave as normal: one circle that closes in several stages. All previous tactics for outrunning the collapse and fighting within it apply.

In other games, the circle collapse can split into multiple circles, up to three in some cases. This can happen at any time in between the first and final two collapses.

When this happens, you should keep the following in mind:

1. Smaller Circles, More CQB

Split circles will inheritably be smaller than a “normal” circle collapse. Their size also depends on how early or late a circle split happens in the match.

Regardless of the exact size of these split circles, weapons that are better for end-game close-combat — SMGs especially — will typically have increased value.

Note any large buildings or clusters of smaller structures to sweep through while in one of these smaller circles, and mind any open spaces that can create mid- to long-range engagement opportunities.

2. Cross-Circle Engagements

While difficult, it is possible to engage with enemies in other circle collapses during a split collapse.

One strategy is for expert snipers: those who account for bullet drop and can roughly see through the hazy collapse can make out enemies in other circles. Especially when you are in a circle on high ground, such as at the Observatory, consider looking across the collapse and try to hit an unexpected elimination.

The other, though riskier, strategy is using a combination of Gas Masks and Stims to “will your way” between circles. In total desperation situations, like when a squad has you pinned up against the collapse itself, it may be worth burning those items to a potentially safer circle.

3. The Merge

Those who know about “rotating,” or positioning yourself toward the next circle, will need to account for all circles coming back together as one after a split collapse.

Individual circles will ultimately meet in the middle, Venn diagram style. Checking the larger Tac Map is crucial for planning next steps, as it is often best to be toward the direction of the future safe area to get ahead of the pack.