New Season, new me!

With Season 5 of Cold War now live across all platforms, one of the brand new weapons on offer is the EM2 Assault Rifle.

The EM2 is a full-auto rifle with high damage but a sluggish rate of fire. It feautres great firing control with a consistency that few rifles possess.

This British rifle .

With so many strong weapons in Cold War's multiplayer, what attachments and loadout should you use on this weapon?

Here's our recommended loadout for the EM2 and the best attachments.

Best Attachments

For the EM2, we need to focus on improving the areas its weakest - that mainly being it's low magazine size..

In general, this weapon is already fantastic right out of the box and with the right attachments can be turned into a laser beam!

Here are the best attachments for the EM2:

  • Agency Suppressor (Muzzle)
  • 26.3" Takedown (Barrel)
  • Field Agent Grip (Underbarrel)
  • STANAG 40 RND (Magazine)
  • Serpent Wrap (Handle)

While you may lose some mobility with this setup, the weapon is so good it shouldn't be a huge issue. Not to mention that there are so many good secondary options now you won't miss out.

This weapon hits so hard I've opted to go with the Agency Suppressor for more control and concealment. While I lose out on some Damage Range, this is compensated with the Takedown Barrel. The Field Agent Grip is going to make the recoil almost non-existant. While I lose a bit of shooting movement speed I won't miss it with so much accuracy at my disposal. We've gone with the 40 round mag to avoid any nasty reloads, but while we lose some ADS speed, the Serpent Wrap is on hand to boost it up.

Best Class


As the EM2 is a little less mobile, I'd probably opt to go with the AMP63, Nail Gun or Gallo SA12. For me, the GALLO SA12 is my go-to secondary choice.

I'd recommend the following attachments:

  • Duckbill Choke (Muzzle)
  • 24.6" Ranger (Barrel)
  • SWAT 5MW Laser Sight (Body)
  • STANAG 12 RND Tube (Magazine)
  • No Stock (Stock)

Lethal And Tactical

I always believe this comes down to personal preference. But I would opt for a Stimshot and Semtex.

With this class, you're good at long and immediate range. But it's that middle ground you may struggle in from time-to-time, so a Semtex is nice to have to give you some breathing room, especially when advancing up the map.

The Stimshot is necessary as you'll be duking it out at range and likely take some hits, so a quick recovery is always handy.

Field Upgrade

I think this comes down to the map you're playing on and your playstyle preference. You can't go wrong with the Field Mic, regardless.


Perk Greed is a must have for this class.

Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask are going to keep any lethals or tactical at bay that may attempt to disrupt your line of sight.

Assassin is going to help you rack up scorestreaks fast and Scavenger is good to have so you have more ammo to expend.

Ghost will keep you hidden from enemy UAVs and Ninja will prevent you from being heard when moving about the map.

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