The Season 5 update has been pushed live and a massive content refresh for Cold War and Warzone is now available.

As part of this update, a new melee weapon has gone live - the Mace.

More than a ceremonial symbol of authority, forged ages ago, it has one purpose: to bludgen your enemies.

Here's how to unlock it for yourself in Cold War and Warzone.

How To Unlock The Mace

How To Unlock It In Cold War

The easiest way to unlock the weapon is by purchasing a store bundle that contains the Mace blueprint.

As it stands, the 'Mystic's Scepter' store bundle is the only bundle available that contains it.

This bundle costs 1300 COD Points.

Alternatively, you can unlock it by completing a specific in-game challenge in multiplayer.

To do this, you'll need to do the following:

"Using a Melee weapon, get a kill while sliding in 15 different completed matches".

This isn't the worst challenge and may not take too long but takes a bit of co-ordination. My advice is to play maps that allow you to flank and hide in unsuspecting corners. Once you managed to get into a corner where there's high foot traffic, simply wait until a victim walks infront of you. Slide towards them and melee!

You're going to want to use a melee weapon too - here's a class we recommend using.

Remember, you need to finish your matches in order for progress to count. If you leave your game early, you will not progress in the unlock challenge.

It may seem as though you're making progress, but once you've done this 15 times, the weapon will not unlock. When you reset your game, it will reset your progress.

How To Unlock It In Warzone

Similarly to Cold War, you can purchase the 'Mystic's Scepter' bundle to obtain the Mace easily.

It's also available via the same challenge.

"Using a Melee weapon, get a kill while sliding in 15 different completed matches."

I'd recommend playing Rebirth Island to get this done if you're choosing Warzone to unlock the weapon.

Remember to finish your matches otherwise progress will not count.

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