Season 5 Reloaded has arrived and with it has brought back a classic Black Ops mode called Demolition.

This mode is a bit of a hybrid between Search and Destroy and Sobotage!

One side fights to destroy two bomb sites while the other aims to defend them.

It can be tough if you're not familiar with the best tactics, so here's our guide to coming out on top.

Tips And Tricks

Focus On One Site

This advice is handy for both sides. While dividing and conquering is sometimes the safest play, putting all of your eggs into one basket is arguably the smarter choice. On Attack, it's difficult to attack both sites at the same time because you'll likely find your outnumbered or the map favours the defensive team. By overwhelming a bombsite with numbers, you can quickly get a plant off and will always have enough numbers to see out the detonation even if a few drop on the way.
On defence, it's probably best to focus on defending one bomb site and letting the enemy grab one of the sites to ensure you lock down the second site. The Attacking team can't win without getting both bombs!

Use The Trophy System

Grenades and explosives will be flying around everywhere - Trophies are a must. They're an easy way to help take over a sight and plant or defuse the bomb.

Wait For Your Team

This isn't a mode to make heoric solo plays - be sure to wait for your team to spawn in and push objectives together to ensure your team can trade any deaths.

Save Your Scorestreaks

When playing, try to save up streaks whenever possible for more difficult sides. If you're finding Attack troubling, save them for when you're on attack to give you an extra bit of help.

If you've got a limited amount of time left in a round and you're not likely to get much out of it, save them for the next round as score carries over.

Spawn Trap

There's effectively only one bomb site in Demolition. If you can push the opposition back to their spawn you can pin them in their spawns and repeatedly kill them until the time runs out/you win.

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