Modern Warfare 2 is slowly ramping up the news, and espicially due to the beta coming in just a few short days.

However, in a turn of events, players will be able to unlock some exclusive content for simply playing the beta before the game releases on the 28th of Ocotober.

Here's what you'll be able to earn along with how to unlock it!

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Rewards: All Rewards, How To Unlock and More

During the beta stages of MW2 which kicks of on 17th of September and will run across a few weekends with the first few being exclusive to PlayStation users, you'll be able to earn a wide set of rewards.

These are all going to be free, and will simply unlock them just by playing the game throughout the beta.

Furthermore, they'll carry over towards the actual release of the game, so you aren't playing for nothing.

The rewards are being split into two categories, one for Weekend 1 and another set for Weekend 2. Below are what you'll be able to earn each weekend, along with the level you'll have to acheieve.

Weekend 1

  • Animated Emblem - Smashed It
    • Level 2
  • Charm - Buckle Up
    • Level 4
  • Animated Playercard - Passed the Test
    • Level 6
  • Sticker - Operation First Blood
    • Level 10
  • Weapon Blueprint - Impact
    • Level 15

Weekend 2

  • Operator Skin - Collision
    • Level 18
  • Vinyl - No Competition
    • Level 19
  • Sticker - Saftey First
    • Level 21
  • Vehicle Skin - Floor It
    • Levl 26
  • Weapon Bluerpint -Frontal Impact
    • Level 30

The two weapon blueprints are without a doubt the best rewards, and it appears to be some sort of MP7 and ACR variant, but we'll know the specifics of the weapon soon enough!