Modern Warfare 2 is the new iteration of the legendary Call of Duty franchise, and with the game just having completed it's beta, we're looking ahead to the full release now.

With the title releasing soon, pre-loads for the campaign and multiplayer are upcoming and one aspect to take into cosideration is the download size.

Here's how big MW2 is on all platforms!

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 File and Download Size - PC, Xbox and PlayStation

It's been quite a hot topic rergarding the download size of Call of Duty in recent years, afterall, 2019 Modern Warfare nearly needed 200 GB of storage when you add Warzone on top of it.

Now, it appears they've made some great strides to reduce the space needed, but it's still going to require a nice chunk of memory.

With the MW2 Campaign being released into early access on the 20th of October, we already know some of the download sizes, but expect ones such as PC users on Steam/ to increase next week.

Here's how much storage it'll take to download MW2 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.


Early Access Campaign

    • 34.6 GB -
    • 29.9 GB - Steam

Full Game

  • Around 72 GB


Base Game

  • 37.4 GB


  • 17 GB


  • 8 GB

Spec Ops

  • 3.9 GB

Warzone 2

  • 5.2 GB


Base Game

  • 36 GB


  • 8.1 GB and 8.6 GB

Warzone 2

  • 2.5 GB

Spec Ops

  • 2.6 GB


  • 5 GB