Feeling Garand

With Vanguard now in the wild for players to enjoy, users are exploring the many weapons available and may have stumbled upon the M1 Garand.

The American rifle is a .30-06 caliber semi-automatic battle rifle and was a standard issue rifle in World War II for US forces.

It's a versatile rifle that offers effective accuracy and stopping power at all ranges. While it can pack a serious punch, it does require a steady hand to get the most of.

Here's the best loadout for the M1 Garand in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Best M1 Garand Class for Vanguard

With a staggering, 10 attachments to pick on your weapon, you're truly spoilt for choice.
When choosing your attachments, you'll want to consider what attachments will improve this weapons weak areas and how you tend to play.
The M1 Garand is incredibly powerful, hitting most opponents with 2 shots at almost all ranges. However, where there's a lot of power it comes with drawbacks - namely its recoil.
Considering its a rifle, running and gunning is probably not something you'll do a huge amount of with this weapon.


  • Muzzle
    • G28 Compensator
  • Barrel
    • Cooper 25" Custom
  • Optic
    • G16 2.5X
  • Stock
    • Cooper Adjustable
  • Underbarrel
    • M1941 Hand Stop
  • Magazine
    • .30-06 12 Round Mags
  • Ammo Type
    • FMJ Rounds
  • Rear Grip
    • Stippled Grip
  • Proficiency
    • Hardscope
  • Kit
    • Deep Breath
This setup is tailored to a defensive playstyle, focusing on ranged combat rather than getting up close and personal. This setup should dramatically help with stabilising recoil and maintaining its hard hitting nature.
There are a few Muzzle attachments that are beneficial, such as the Iscove Flash Hider, but the G28 Compensator's vertical recoil reduction is very crucial.
Your Barrel choices are straight forward, don't be fooled by the damage boosts this weapon gets as it won't improve it much more from the two-shot machine it currently is. Instead, focus on further recoil reduction but equipping the 25" Custom. The CGC Ironsides is a nice starter barrel too.
Your Optic comes down to preference in my opinion and I honestly don't think there is a bad sight for this weapon. But something like the G16 2.5X is a great range sight, which also works up close. You can try using the Nydar Model 47 or even the SVT-40 PU Scopre 3-6X for bigger maps.
Our Stock choice is also straight forward, choosing to focus on recoil reduction, but it also gives us the benefit of increased ADS walking speed and decreased ADS time.
The Underbarrel are pretty good for the M1 Garand, all playing vital roles. For me, the most important one is the M1941 Hand Stop, which improve the verical recoil at the expense of hip fire accuracy. The Carver Foregrip is also great, as it improves recoil and hipfire accuracy at the expense of some ADS speed. It will greatly depend on your platstyle which you prefer.
The Magazine attachment is an easy choice as most of them decrease the weapons damage in order to gain a faster fire rate. I think for what you're using this weapon for, the fire rate is fine, sacrificing some ADS speed, movement speed and vertical recoil is a worth trade off for a bigger clip. Also choose the 12 round mag and not the 16 as the 16 hinders these areas more.
You shouldn't need the Lengthened Ammo Type, as the weapon performs fine as it is and you've added no attachments to reduce bullet velocity or damage. Instead, look to go with the FMJ Rounds or Frangible to slow enemies down and ensure you get a clean second shot.
More recoil reduction comes with the Stippled Grip Rear Grip. This attachment has no draw backs and instead improves your vertical recoil control and centering speed.
Your Proficiency is a preference call - the three I would suggest are Spotter, Sleight of Hand and Hardscope. Spotter is helpful if you've picked a small magnification scope and need some help spotting enemies on maps like Red Star. Sleight of Hand will help get over the small magazine sizes and Hardscope is good for those that will be doing a lot of ADSing. Overall, if you use this gun more at range Hardscope is the better option.
Your Kit options are a bit poor for this weapon, so I would suggest Deep Breath, allowing you to hold your breath with scopes for longer.


I would go with the machine pistol if you're not using Overkill or an SMG if you are using Overkill.

Lethal & Tactical

  • Molotov Cocktail
  • S-Mine 44

The Molotov Cocktail is a nice finishing grenade for those who get behind cover, but is also great defensively to stop player advancing on you. The S-Mine 44 is great for protecting your back from flanks.


  • Ghost
  • Piercing Vision
  • Overkill

Ghost will keep you off the enemy radar while Piercing Vision will highlight any pesky enemies that try to evade your fire. I would select Overkill with this weapon because it's always good to have a reliable secondary to pair such a clunky weapon with.

Field Upgrade

  • Field Mic

The Field Mic is the best option here as it gives you lots of vision on nearby enemies coming to spoil your fun. If you didn't take Scavenger as your 3rd perk, you could opt to use the Supply Box instead.

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