New details have emerged!

Warzone 2 is the next iteration of the battle royale, and with Infinity Ward pulling out the red carpet to reveal the game fully, we've got tons to talk about.

If you're looking to check out Warzone 2, but don't want to deal with the micro-management of teammates, then you're best bet is to play solo.

Here's how to play solo within Warzone 2!

Warzone 2 How To Play Solo

Sometimes, were best when we play by ourselves, and we've seen some of the craziest matches within Warzone when streamers or others are playing solo.

However, if you're simply looking to get into a game by yourself, your best suited to get right into the action with the release of Warzone 2.

Here's how to play solo within Warzone 2.

  • Select Battle Royale Solo or Duo
  • Toggle Squad Fill off

In the meantime, be sure to get situated with everything that's coming to Modern Warfare Season 1 here, and be sure to let us know what you're most excited for!