New details have emerged!

Warzone 2 is the next iteration of the battle royale, and with Infinity Ward pulling out the red carpet to reveal the game fully, we've got tons to talk about.

If you've already checked out Warzone 2, you may be wondering if there's plans to add any other maps within the future, such as Rebirth Island.

Here's if Rebirth Island is coming to Warzone 2.0!

Is Rebirth Island Coming To Warzone 2?

With the brand new Warzone map now here, players worldwide are checking out the fresh new map in Al Marzarh, and of course, looting some of the best weapons within the game.

However, some of us are reflecting on our time during the games first smaller map, Rebirth Island, as some of our best memories lie within this map.

Now, they've confirmed that the new map is indeed coming, and will be called Ashika Island. Here's what Infinity Ward has had to say regarding this.

Ashika Island, also known as “Isle of the Sea Lion”, is part of a small archipelago located in an undisclosed location, somewhere in the APAC (Asia Pacific) region. Latest missives indicate the isle is being used as hub for the Ultranationalist Konni Group, including the transportation of chemical and biological weapons. Current intel obtained by [[REDACTED]], suggests noxious weaponry is being shipped from a suspected BioLab facility in Al Mazrah.

Originally planned as a resort destination, development on Ashika Island was halted in the mid-1990s due to [[REDACTED]] and the sterling work of [[REDACTED]], but publicly the reasons remain undisclosed. Since this time, travel to and from the island has been heavily restricted.