Warzone was one of the saving graces within COD in the last decade, and with Warzone 2 beig in full development and coming this year, fans are amped to say the least.

However, we haven't see anything really in regards to Warzone 2, and with the release date being leaked by internal documents, some games on previous gen hardware are still wondering whether or not the game will be released for them.

Here's what we know about Warzone 2 being released on the PS4.

Will Warzone 2 Be On PS4?

It's a tough decision nowadays for game studios to develop their title with the PS4 and Xbox One in mind. As, we're now coming on two years since the PS5 and Xbox Series X released, so there's been plently of time to upgrade over the years.

But, if you haven't made the jump yet for any reason, then it's nice to see other games such as God of War, and others still release on the PS4.

So, Warzone 2 is releasing in the next couple of months, and there's still a bunch of you on these previous generation consoles, and it appears you're in good hands.

As of writing, it seems to be confimed that yes, Warzone 2 will release on the PS4!