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Call of Duty Warzone has been soaring since it was released over two years ago, and while we wait for Warzone 2, fans are always eager to test out new weapons within the game.

The Armaguerra 43 is the newest weapon within the game, and it's a rather powerful SMG that we can make better with our loadout.

Here's the best loadout for the Armaguerra 43 in Call of Duty: Warzone.

The Best Armaguerra 43 Warzone Class and Loadout

With a staggering, 10 attachments to equip your weapon with, it's going to be hard to narrow down what to pick.
When choosing your attachments, you'll want to consider what attachments will improve this weapons weak areas and how you tend to play.
The Armaguerra 43 is very powerful, has great hip fire and a good rate of fire. However, it lacks a bit of damage to compete with some of the stronger weapons in the game.


  • Muzzle

    • Recoil Booster

  • Barrel

    • Imerito 550m 03P

  • Optic

    • Slate

  • Stock

    • Imerito SA Folding

  • Underbarrel

    • Carver Grip

  • Magazine

    • 60 Round Mag

  • Ammo Type

    • Lengenthed

  • Rear Grip

    • Fabric

  • Perk 1

    • Sleight of Hand

  • Perk 2

    • Fully Loaded

This setup is tailored to maximise its damage and increase the overall DPS of the weapon itself.
There are a few good Muzzle attachments, but I've gone with the Recoil Booster as it'll greatly improve the DPS of the weapon.
Every Barrel offers some sort of upgrade to the player, but the Imerito 550m 03P is without a doubt the best one on the table right now.
Your Optic comes down to preference, but the Slate or 3X is one that will give players a perfect balance of range and close quarters.
For Stock we've gone with the Imerito SA Folding, as it'll give players a little bit of additional movement.
The Underbarrel choice will further reduce recoil but increase hip fire accuracy. This isn't a big deal as it is already very good.
There's some decent Magazine choices for this weapon, but with such a high fire rate, we've gone ahead and slapped the 60 Round Mag on it.
Rear Grip is all down to preference, but we recommed the Fabric Grip, to help out with some ADS and Recoil.
Perk 1 and Perk 2 are once again going to be up to you, but we've gone ahead and equipped Sleight of Hand and Fully Loaded. So that we can reload this weapon fast, and also have additonal ammo when needed.


I would go with the Machine Pistol if you're not using Overkill or a Sniper Rifle to make up for long range.

Lethal & Tactical

  • MK2 Fragmentation Grenade
  • Stim

The Frag grenade is an all-round good lethal grenade to have and can save you a number of situations. The Stim is very good for a run and gunner, especially when paired with Gung-Ho.


  • EOD
  • Ghost or Overkill
  • Amped

EOD reduces the damage you take when it comes to explosives, so it can be vital in close quarter scenarios.

Overkill lets you take two primaries while Ghost keeps you hidden on the map, and Amped allows you to swap weapons faster!

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