Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s new battle royale mode, Warzone, has quickly made the latest entry in the legendary first-person shooter franchise into one of the most exciting video games right now. With Season 3, the squad-based battle royale mode has now been been upped to Quads, allowing for teams of four to battle over that sweet, sweet victory. Trios had been the staple mode for Warzone until now, so many many members of the community are having to adjust their strategies around both having another teammate, as well as fighting against larger enemy teams. With this in mind, we’ve gathered some tips to help ensure it’s you and your squad of four earning that win and taking that chopper ride at the end of the match.
Call of Duty: Warzone Quads Tips
Don’t Be Too Aggressive
It is always tempting to initiate a push when you down one or two players of an enemy team in Call of Duty: Warzone. This aggressive playstyle was extremely successful in the Trios mode. Quads, however, are another matter altogether. Performing a rush after downing one or two players could result in your untimely demise. There is now an additional player you must contend with when compared to trios who could easily mow you down if you are by yourself or with only one other teammate. IF you must rush at all, make sure that all four members of your team do it as a cohesive unit to maximize your chances of finishing off the remaining members of the enemy team, and not getting sent to the Gulag early by giving them any easy kills.
Share Resources
One of the most significant benefits of quads is having another player collecting cash that can then pooled together to make sure that everyone on your team has the equipment necessary to succeed. There is no doubt that loadout drops will be much easier for groups to buy with the additional income provided by a fourth player. However, while important, loadout drops shouldn’t be the only thing quads teams should look to share their cash with to purchase. Making sure everyone on your team has a gas mask, self-revive, killstreaks, and – even the correct ammo – will all increase your chances of getting that win. Be sure to keep your RPG guy stocked with rockets, you know?
Assign Roles
On the topic of the rocket guy, the map of Call of Duty: Warzone has a wide variety of areas that provide opportunities for different kinds of combat. Whether it be long-range sniper battles over skyscraper rooftops, high-octane SMG fights down tight interior hallways, or even firing rockets at pursuing enemy trucks, quads teams are sure to find themselves fighting other players in all types of situations and environments. The high chance of having to find success in different combat scenarios is why you need to assign roles for each player in your squad. Having two long-range players and two close-range players who all can also fight at medium-ranges will allow you to be ready for a gunfight in any environment in Verdansk.
Comms are Key
Quads add one more player than Warzone players were used to previously, and reinforces the need for high-quality communication between teammates even more than Trios. Imagine you’re held up in a building, waiting to see where the circle is going to move, and BOOM – a team pops up to down a squadmate? There would be nothing worse than not communicating the direction of the attack and the angles you need to cover, which could result in your team leaving an entrance or angle unguarded, allowing the enemy team to rush you. The addition of an additional player means that your comms are likely more crowded now as well. You and your teammates will need to speak with each other efficiently, and avoid drowning out the voice of someone with vital information for your team’s survival. Ping and call out enemy locations, as well as downs, kills, and team wipes, and avoid talking about Tiger King until you’re back in the lobby. Trust us.
Stop Panicking

Gunfights in quads can be very chaotic, with a total of eight players all firing their weapons and unleashing all of their munitions. However, teams will have a much higher chance of victory if they remain calm and do not let the insanity of a quads fight overwhelm them. Every member of your team needs to stay calm and focus on individual targets. Allowing yourself to get flustered can easily lead to you getting yourself killed by making an unwise decision, such as peaking when a sniper has you pinned down. Keeping a calm demeanor will allow you and your teammates to engage an enemy team much more efficiently and ultimately secure the win.

There is no denying that quads have injected even more action into the fast-paced world of Call of Duty: Warzone. Players will need to adjust their playstyles with the increased team count if they hope to secure plenty of highlight kills and wins in the quads playlist where your previous tactics may not be as effective. However, these tips will have your and your squadmates standings as victors sooner than later if you take them to heart and follow them to the best of your ability in Call of Duty Warzone’s unforgiving world.