Best of the Best

Warzone has been going through an interesting time as of late. With the Godzilla and King Kong event just winding down, players are looking for new ways to spruce up their gameplay.

One way that could mix it up, is to try the best Sniper within the game right now, which we're going to walk you through which rifle currently holds this title!

What Is The Best Sniper In Warzone Right Now?

Sniper's have been a staple of COD since the franchise premiered over 20 years ago, but now more than ever are they important, mainly thanks to the battle royale that Warzone offers.

The ability to one shot kill any player on the map is one of the best feelings in gaming, and there's only certain sniper's that fit the mantle.

If you're looking to use the best Sniper Rifle in Warzone right now, there's three weapons that players cannot make their mind up regarding which one is the best.

These three weapons, which we highly recommend giving a shot are:

  • Kar 98K
  • HDR
  • AX-50