Gunplay is an important part of Arkane Studios' Deathloop and without a good arsenal at your disposal, you may struggle to survive the loop.

So with so many options, most of which will be unfamiliar to you, what are you the best options?

Here are the best weapons in Deathloop and where to find them!

The Best Weapons In Deathloop

Best Basic Weapons

When starting out, it can be a little daunting to get to grips with what guns there are and what's worth keeping to Infuse.

In my opinion, Shotguns rain supreme in this game due to the number of opponents and close-quarter environments.

Here are the weapons I would suggest using:

  • Strelak 50-50 - this is a twin ammo drum shotgun. It fires fast, does lots of damage and has an unusually long range. However, it does suffer from a slow reload time so ensure you have a good backup weapon.
  • Volpat Trencher - Another shotgun, this time a pump action. This should blow away enemies in one shot at a medium-close range without any issues.
  • MG-1 Pepper Mill - This heavy weapon is much like an assault rifle. While it's a bit unreliable to start with, once you do get some good perks it can be a reliable long ranged weapon.
  • Limp-10 - This basic SMG isn't fantastic, but can do a job due to its nimble reload time. It's also always readily available on the beach and plenty of ammo is spread across the levels.

Special Weapons

Special weapons, in this game, are obtained by killing the Visionaries. Ultimately, these are just upgraded versions of the basic weapons, but worth infusing if you can get them.

Here are the special weapons and our recommendations:

  • Strelak Verso - Dual wield pistols that can be combined to create a burst fire SMG. They also come with the 'Snare' perk to slow enemies when you hit them. It also comes with strong auto assist aiming that snaps to enemies as you look down the sights. We would recommend this weapon!
    • To obtain them, head to the Complex at Noon and explore the bunker under the leg of the Stabilizer Core (that's the big wheel). You should make the discovery that Eternalists have blown open the vault and inside you'll find a door that needs four batteries to open. Find the batteries and the Verso is yours to wield.
  • Charlie's Strelak 50-50 - This shotgun also has the Snare perk and like the base version boasts incredible range and damage. We would recommend keeping this one due to it firing 20 shells before needing a reload.
    • Follow the Visionary lead to reach Charlie to get it from his corpse.
  • Aleksis Vampire LIMP-10s - Containing the Vampire perk, players can recover health when damaging enemies. You can dual wield these and this will greatly increase your healing. We'd recommend having this in your back pocket for tricky situations when you need some health.
    • This is obtained by killing the Visionary Aleksis.
  • Echolocation PT-6 Spiker - This weapon fires radar bullets that will still kill people, but also scans and tags enemies in the immediate areas. It's a fantastic option to avoid surprises, if you're playing with stealth, but if you've come this far you may find you don't need it.
    • You can get this once you are using the power station to open up the Horizon Stations scattered around the map. At this point, head to Karl's Bay in the afternoon and open up Akkar Station.
  • Heritage Gun - This is a weapon that transforms between a slug firing rifle and wide spread shotgun. Given the number weapons available that do a similar job, and it's extremely long winded method to obtain it, we think its worth skipping this option.
    • You obtain this from the Fathoms of Lament attraction in Karl's Bay in the evening. Head to the Fathoms building when it's open and you'll find a map with flashing lights on. Each on represents a present you can open if you can reach it. They'll be mostly randomised, cycling between a roster of set locations. Most of them are dangerous (with the odd Trinket thrown in) but one will be inside the Dawn of Reason building. Save this until last, as its filled with codes that appear as you complete other presents. They'll appear as pictograms on the walls inside and give you the number to open the door in the three minute time limit. Once done, head back to the Fathoms of Lament where the door at the back will now open. There's now a series of levers to pull against a time limit while avoiding lasers that will reset the clock. You can reach the Field Nullifier that blocks your powers behind some breakable planks. Once all leavers are pulled the case will open and the gun is yours.
  • Egor's Rapier - This is a one shot, slug shotgun with immense range and damage. However, it's not the most practical weapon, so unless you're struggling for ranged weapons, skip this one.
    • After defeating Egor in the Complex in the evening, he'll drop a Rapier rifle with the perk Eagle Eye - that massively zooms down the sights.
  • Harriet's Fourpounder - A powerful handgun, this weapon has a Toxic Haze perk which makes its bullets create clouds of toxic gas on impact. It's great for damaging enemies behind cover and obstructing groups of enemies. It's not a difficult weapon to pick up and will probably have its practical uses later in the game.
    • Get this by killing Harriet in her Karl's Bay Hangar in the morning.
  • Fia's Pepper Mill - Fia's MG-1 contains the Wounds Perk which makes enemies take damage over time. It's a solid, accurate rifle that can kill quickly. One to consider keeping for long range fights.
    • This is obtain by killing Fia.
  • Sepulchra Breteira - The only sniper in the game, equippe with the Deep Lungs perk, which will stabilize your arm. While Blackreef has few areas to use it properly, it's great for taking some enemies down safely before approaching an area; we'd 100% recommend it.
    • In Updaam, at noon, you'll hear an Eternalist on the PA system telling you she's left a present for you in Dorsey Square, just in front of Aleksis' mansion. Head there and you'll see a giant green present, which is obviously a trap. Look for a bakery right by it with open windows. Go in there, kill everyone and you'll get it!
  • Constancy Automatic - This weapon has the Snare perk and while doesn't require massive abouts of effort to get, there are better options.
    • Head to Fristad Rock in the morning and you can take out the Visionary Ramblin' Frank and take his SMG pistol.
  • Moxie Rapier - Another Rapier, that has the SIlver Bullet perk. That makes this a one-shot kill that reloads when you hit someone, but if you miss you can't use it for the rest of the level. While it is incredibly powerful, it comes with serious downsides and isn't worth carrying around when there are better options.
    • Moxie is in Updaam, which opens in the afternoon. Inside you'll find six obstacle courses across three floors. Each floor you complete will reward you with a trinket and if you can complete them all in the time limit, you'll get this gun.