The fantastic new game from Arkane Studios, Deathloop, is getting lots of praise for its inovative use of mechanics and story.

A big focus for the game is that you are stuck in a loop and the world resets when the loop resets. This means weapons and items don't carry least to start with.

As you progress through the game, you learn to carry them over!

If you're not in the loop on how to carry weapons over into new loops or how to gather Residuum, here's how to do it!

How To Carry Over Weapons In Deathloop

How To Get The Infuse Ability

Players can infuse items to carry them across loops using Residuum. However, you'll first have to progress through the game enough to gain the ability. After progressing through the first few hours of the game, you'll be tasked with finding and taking down Wenjie. Wenjie has many different versions of herself at the Complex and will require you to kill them all and harvest the final Wenjie.

Once killed, her body will stick around with a glowing effect. You'll need to grab the Portable Harvester next to the whiteboard and head back to the Wenjie and harvest her soul. Head back to the main room. You'll need to put the Portable Harvester into the Infuser, step into the pod behind you, shoot the button and you will kill yourself!

But, never fear, as this will simply start a new loop and you'll be reunited with your weapon as it has been infused with Residuum and can now carry over into new loops!

How To Collect Residuum

Residuum is the fuel that powers Infusing and it's collected by harvesting objects you've taken with you, collecting it off objects left on Blackreef (they also emit a strange hue/glow) or by killing Visionaries and collecting it off them.

Those items found on the beach are always going to be there, so there's no need to infuse them.

Items also cost different amounts of Residuum to carry over and it's not limited to weapons, you can use it on Trinkets and Slabs too - so spend it wisely!

Unforutnately, Residuum can not be transferred between loops so its important you spend it all before you reset a loop.

If you die, you will drop you Residuum where you died, meaning you can retrieve it. But if you run out of reprises, you will lose all of it.

How To Use Residuum

You'll need to access the menu screen and go to your loadout. Go to any of your weapons and press Enter to Infuse your weapon or Delete to Sacrifice it.