Demon’s Souls originally launched for the Playstation 3 back in 2009, and it became one of the biggest hits on the platform.  Known for its punishing gameplay and immersive world, Demon’s Souls captured the hearts of many a Playstation 3 fan, and remains near and dear to them over 10 years later.  Now the time is almost here to revisit the dark and brooding world of Boletaria once again.

A few months back, Sony announced that Demon’s Souls was getting a full-on remake for the Playstation 5.  The announcement was paired with a teaser trailer of things to come, whetting the appetite of players around the world.  Thankfully, Sony has now pulled back the curtain completely, dropping the first gameplay trailer of this hotly-anticipated remake.  While fans may look back on Demon’s Souls’ visuals with rose-tinted glasses of a generation gone by, the Playstation 5 remake gives us the classic gameplay experience with more detail than ever before.

The remake, which is being handled by Bluepoint Games, looks to show off the power of the Playstation 5 right out of the gate.  Every single area of the original Demon’s Souls has been recreated with painstaking detail, and that’s clear the second you check out the gameplay trailer.  Every dark corridor, castle entryway, and monster-filled cave has been given a fresh coat of paint and then some, making for a visual presentation sure to draw players in deeper than ever before.  Demon’s Souls was always a grotesque, yet beautiful adventure, but the Playstation 5 version is helping realize that in ways simply impossible before.

Bluepoint Games has said that their goal with the Demon’s Souls remake is to enhance the environments from the original game, while still paying respect to them.  That approach gives you a game instantly recognizable to long-time fans, but with a visual fidelity to make them shine on a completely different level.  This is a remake that honors the original in every way possible, instead of throwing everything out to start from scratch.  The gameplay trailer shows this, and has done a lot to let fans know that the game is in very good hands.

Of course, there are certainly some tweaks in the Playstation 5 version of Demon’s Souls over the original.  Most importantly, controls have been reworked to take advantage of what the Playstation 5 DualSense controller offers, while also bringing them up-to-speed with what today’s gamers expect.  This includes the added bonus of the DualSense’s haptic feedback, which is being used to let you feel every single weapon hit and attack that’s dished out. 

This attention to detail also relates to the game’s audio presentation.  Thanks to the enhanced features of the Playstation 5, Demon’s Souls will now sound better than ever before.  Every monster scream, swing of your sword, and ambient tune playing throughout the game will be presented in a quality that the original simply can’t match.  Make sure you crank up your home theater to 11 for this one, or better yet, grab yourself one of Turtle Beach’s many headsets to truly envelope yourself in the audio.

Fans of Demon’s Souls hold the original game in very high regard, and it appears that Bluepoint Games does as well.  They’ve gone above and beyond in this remake, and the recent gameplay only confirms that.  Thankfully we don’t have long to wait for our chance to revisit the game ourselves.  Demon’s Souls is a Playstation 5 exclusive, and it launches on November 12th, 2020.