Destiny 2 has consistency been one of the most played live services games throughout the years, and as players embark during the Lightfall DLC, the current raid has been fantastic for players.

However, with Season of The Deep slowly apporaching, Bungie has now shed some light on some of the weapon changes coming to the game.

Here's all we know

Destiny 2 Season of The Deep Patch Notes and Changes - All Details and More

The annual release of the new season was set to come out around the end of May, but with Season of The Deep, Bungie has outlined some notable changes coming to the new Season.

More so, these changes are going to be set towards weapons, and how they overall function within Destiny.


We've looked at player feedback around how reticles convey less information at high field-of-view (FOV) settings, information that isn't obvious mid-combat, and Exotic weapons whose perk state can be hard to track and have rebuilt several weapon reticles to address these.


The two reticle elements on most weapons illustrate the current cones for autoaim (a.k.a. bullet bending) and accuracy (a.k.a. error angle), using moving circles and crosshairs.

These are clamped in size on screen to avoid growing too large or too small and hence blocking the very center of the screen, or overlapping too much of your weapon and the action in front of you—at default FOV these elements move as your autoaim and accuracy change, but at high FOV they typically can't shrink enough to show the current angles, resulting in them being fairly static.

We've rebuilt the reticles for the following weapon types so that they move more visibly at high FOV, while still conveying the current state of the weapon accurately.

  • Fusion Rifle
  • Hand Cannon
  • Sidearm
  • Trace Rifle

We plan to update other weapon reticles in a similar way in a future release.

Shotgun reticles also now scale with FOV, such that the reticle will closely match the pellet spread regardless of your selected FOV (and note that as of Lightfall they dynamically scale with Shotgun pellet spread angle changes).


Fusion Rifle charge and Sword guard energy are critical aspects of these weapons, which until now required relying on cues built into the weapon's visuals or audio—we've updated their hip-fire reticles to include this information as well.

  • Fusion Rifles now have a charge meter under the reticle.
  • Sword reticles now show the current Sword guard energy.


Our hip-fire reticles are built with technology that lets them scale with weapon autoaim and accuracy, but our aim down sights reticles are typically hand built for each specific weapon and don't necessarily show this information.

We've been experimenting with an approach that keeps the hand-built aesthetics of a weapon's sights or scope, but replaces the center crosshair or red dot with a variant of the hip-fire reticle. We decided we'd get this into your hands and see how it feels in the live game before looking into this type of reticle further.

  • Shayura's Wrath
    • Now has an aim-down-sights reticle that reacts to the weapon's accuracy and autoaim state, and ties into "red reticle," meaning this will change color when an enemy that's within this weapon's engagement range is under the reticle.


Plenty of Exotic weapons have perks with states or counts that are important information for players - we've added reticle elements to show these to several Exotic weapons (note that Exotic Swords and Fusion Rifles also benefit from the above charge meter and Sword meter elements).

Note that some Exotic weapons already convey their state very clearly and weren't included in this pass.

The specific additions to Exotic weapons are:

  • Charge meter added to Exotic weapons whose base weapon type doesn't typically have a charge meter.
    • Devil's Ruin
    • Salvation's Grip
    • Grand Overture
  • Perk counter shows pips for perked shots.
    • Quicksilver Storm grenade count.
    • Ace of Spades Memento Mori shot count.
    • Lumina Noble Rounds shot count.
    • Traveler's Chosen Gathering Light stacks.
  • Perk progress meter shows perk buildup.
    • The Manticore
  • Perk active shows when the Exotic perk is active.
    • Hawkmoon
    • Ager's Scepter
    • Tarrabah
    • Touch of Malice
    • Cryosthesia 77k
    • Trinity Ghoul
  • Charge meter and perk counter.
    • Vex Mythoclast

We'll keep an eye out for opportunities for custom reticle work for other Exotic weapons.