Dead Island was once upon a time one of the premier zombie survival games that was released worldwide for players to enjoy.

With modern day gems such as Dying Light 2 and Back 4 Blood recently releasing, there seems to be some traffic in regards to a second Dead Island releasing!

Now, with the release date looming, we're going to runover if the game is going to have fast travel.

Does Dead Island 2 Have Fast Travel?

With the first Dead Island arriving back in 2011, this makes it over a decade since the original released, which has to be one of the longest time periods in between two games within the same IP.

So, the release date for Dead Island 2 as of right now appears to be April 21, of 2023, this comes off the recent news that the title has been delayed a month or so.

In regards to if the game is going to have fast travel, well throughout the game you're going to explore a vast area of regions, and yes there appears to be fast travel for players.

This will allow you to get from point to point in a pinch, and we're amped to see what the game has to offer!