Modern Warfare 2's campagin is finally released into early access, and players have been diving in checking out all the new missions 141 is getting us into.

Throughout the campaign you're going to be tasked with certain objectives, and as you apporach the end, it's worth checking if there's a post credits scene.

Here's the answer if there's one within Modern Warfare 2!

Does Modern Warfare 2 Have A Post Credits Scene?

The campaign itself is pretty standard for a Call of Duty single-player adventure, in which we mean it'll be around the standard length, with some missions taking longer than others.

As well, there's some missions throughout the game that we can see yourself getting stuck on for a little while, only cause we did as well!

Just a reminder the following is spoilers for Modern Warfare 2's campaign.


Once you complete the campaign and stop the missles from going off, you'll be sent to a bar scene with Task Force 141, who have been notified that Makarov is back, and has linked up with enemy forces.

Once the credits roll, you'll want to wait as there is a post-credits scene, and for your sake, we aren't going to spoil it completly for you here!

Be sure to let us know what you rate the MW2 campaign, and ensure before the full game releases, you get geared up with our Roccat Syn Max Air headset.