Overwatch 2 is releasing soon worldwide, and with Blizzard shutting down the servers for the original Overwatch soon, players are finally getting into the groove for the new release.

However, with OW2 releasing, players are wondering if the latest iteration of the franchise is going to have cross-play and cross-progression.

Here's what we know!

Does Overwatch 2 Have Cross-play and Cross-progression?

For those who did not know, during the life span of the original Overwatch, players didn't have the option to use one of these two systems, with your play being restricted to the platform you're on.

As well, the cross-progression has been a big concern of players with you essentially have to start over if you make the switch from console to PC or vice versa.

However, with the release of OW2, they've noted in a press release back in June of 2022, that OW2 will feature both cross-play and cross-progression.

"Featuring a new five-versus-five multiplayer format with cross-platform play and cross-platform progression, Overwatch 2’s PvP experience is designed to offer incredible and fresh competitive gameplay with a new, free-to-play model and major game updates such as new heroes, hero reworks, maps, modes, and premium cosmetics."

So, before the release of the game, be sure to have all your accounts linked, along with the proper gaming mouse such as our Roccat Burst Pro Air.