Warzone Pacific has been a decent addition to the battle royale, and while we're seeing more content added into the game daily.

However, not all creators are happy with the current state of Warzone and we're seeing more and more players leave the game.

Fear now, as our very own, Dr. Disrespect has a solution to this!

DrDisrespect Has A Great Idea To Improve Warzone Matchmaking

Over the years, Warzone's been kinda riddled with cheaters and hackers no matter the platform and this has become a large turn off for many players.

Well, the Doc has some solutions and they come in regards to the layout players on, whether its Keyboard and Mouse or Controller.

He notes "Design specific playlists, like Halo did....Halo had dedicated PC playlists, you play against PC players only. Then on console, the same. Peripherals, split by peripherals."

Not a bad suggestion if we say so ourselves, as then for most players the playing field becomes a bit more fair!

However, we don't know if these solutions are actually going to be implemented, but its worth noting the Docs ideas.