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Dying Light is one of the more unique concepts within gaming that's been released, and Techland, the studio behind the series has released the long awaited sequel to the original game.

Of course, some of the core mechanics from the first game are back, such as healing items such as boosters, med-kits and what not.

However, some players are encountering issues when it comes to changing your active healing item.

Dying Light 2: How Do You Change Healing Items

While playing the game, we ran into the issue of trying to swap to a certain healing item and not exactly finding the key in order to switch the two.

Upon taking to the in-game menu, this persisted until we eventually found the keybind.

So, we through it be good to pass along the information in case you run into the same issue we did.

If you have numerous healing items active withing your inventory, simply hold "5" on your keyboard and this will bring up a wheel with all the options.

Move your mouse to the one you want to use and press "H" to use it!