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Dying Light is one of the more unique concepts within gaming that's been released, and Techland, the studio behind the series has released the long awaited sequel to the original game.

Now, with the game premiered all around the world, we're looking ahead to the first DLC Techland is going to reveal, and that is the Authority DLC.

Dying Light 2 The Authority Pack DLC Everything You Need To Know

Over the course of Dying Light 2, it appears Techland is going to be giving players free forms of content, whether it comes in the form of weapon packs, or a combination of skins and weapons like we see in this DLC upcoming.

The Authority DLC pack is themed around the Peacekeeper faction and will feature different weapons and armor themed around the factions colors.

As of now, the DLC is going to release in three parts, with the first portion releasing on February 14, 2022 and we can assume the next two parts will come in due time.

In the meantime you can check out the trailer for the DLC down below.

Dying Light 2 The Authority Pack How To Unlock

In order to get the new Authority Pack, players will simply need to head over to the official Dying Light website, and claim and download the pack.

Once finished, relaunch Dying Light 2 and you should have it in your inventory.