Healing item

Elden Ring is perhaps one of the most anticipated games that have ever released in modern gaming, and a month into the games release, its easy to see why.

Taking all aspects of souls titles from recent years, and revamping them into a complete RPG is something fans didn't think could be made possible, and yet here we are.

Over the course of the game, you're going to want to stock up on cerain consumables that'll aid you in major battles, and the Bewitching Branches is one of them.

How To Get Bewitching Branches In Elden Ring

Obtaining certain healing items within Elden Ring is a feature that players are going to want to take advantage of and not neglect. While the standard healing potions do wonders for you during a battle, what will you do when you've used them all?

This is why you're going to want to head out into the wild and find some Bewitching Branches. This consumable item dosen't heal you, but offers a crazy side effect when used on enemies.

Using 14 FP, it'll turn one of the enemies you're fighting into an ally for a certain period of time, and this can be advantageous during certain encounters.

So, why not head out into the world and acquire some of these, and you're also able to craft them during your journey.

Here's where players will be able to find them in Elden Ring and what materials you'll need to craft them.


  • Sacramental Bud x1
  • Miquella's Lily x1

Within the world

  • Normadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes - 1600 Runes each
  • Found on a body near the Weeping Peninsula