Elden Ring is perhaps one of the most anticipated games that have ever released in modern gaming, and with reviews pouring in, its easy to see why.

With perfect scores all across the board this is a game you're going to want to experience, and over the course of the game you're going to gain numerous levels!  

Elden Ring How To Level Up

Open world co-op play was one of the biggest lures to Elden Ring when it was revealed numerous years ago, and now, we finally get the chance to dive into this world.

When you first start your journey within Elden Ring, you're going to notice that the leveling system is rather slow at the start.

However, this isn't the case, as in order to actually level up in Elden Ring, at the beginning of the game you're going to need to head over the Site of Grace.

This will be the third one you encounter within the world and will signal your first level up!