Elden Ring is perhaps one of the most anticipated games that have ever released in modern gaming, and with reviews pouring in, its easy to see why.

With a massive open-world, the combat system is going to be a big factor within this game, and Power Stance is going to help you out a ton!

Elden Ring How To Power Stance

Open world co-op play was one of the biggest lures to Elden Ring when it was revealed numerous years ago, as well as the forms of combat players will get to take part in.

FromSoftware has always been touted for their combat within their games over the years and it's evolved in Elden Ring.

Players will want to take advantage of the Power Stance which can be done by equipping the same type of weapon onto both hands.

Once this is done, just head into an enemy and attack them, and doing so will trigger the Power Stance.