Brute Force

Elden Ring is perhaps one of the most anticipated games that have ever released in modern gaming, and with reviews pouring in, its easy to see why.

With more players shifting focus to PVP, there seems to be some lingering issues that are causing players save files to be ruined by invaders.

Invaders Are Ruining Save Files For PC Elden Ring Players

Basically, there's a new brand new exploit that some players are exploiting that players are taking advantage of, where they'll invade another playes around and crash their game.

Once they achieve this, the player will try and load up their game and notice that their save file is in a constant death loop and hence, the save file is ruined.

If you've encountered this pesky issue, Reddit user Draiganedig has posted a quick guide into how you'll be able to fix it, which is bascially quitting the game super fast before your death.