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One of the most played games year in and year out is Escape From Tarkov, and with the wipe being recently implemented for players last month, there's a brand new patch now.

This patch from Battlestate Games addresses some core issues that players have had with the game since the wipe and we're going to runover them below!

Here's all the Escape From Tarkov patch notes for January 26, 2023.

Escape From Tarkov January 26 Patch Notes - Weight Changes, Recoil Nerfs and More

They've announced the new patch details via Twitter, and they primarily address the biggest concerns players have had with the game since the major wipe.

Of course, these are the new recoil system, and the new weight, which players have been noting is not enough, espicially with the sheer abundance of loot on certain maps.

Here's all the changes to EFT for today.

  • Reduced the recoil angle for all weapons.
  • Reduced the stamina penalty when hit by any type of ammo.
  • Increased the weight limit while overweight.
  • Reduced stamina consumption in various cases, decreased energy and water consumption in raids.
  • Greatly reduced penalties from armored rigs and body armor.