Fallout 76 has been soaring as of late with numerous updates, and the most recent DLC being released for players to jump into.

If you're new to 76, than one aspect that you should get situated with is Daily Quests.

One of these quests is called Heart of the Enemy and we're going to run over how to fully complete it!

How To Complete The Heart Of The Enemy In Fallout 76

This quest is random, and you'll be able to find it within your daily quest tab if you happen to have it. So, it's worth completing it if you're able too, but it can be quite tedious for a daily quest.

Nevertheless, in order to obtain this quest on your daily ones, you're going to have to head over to the 4th floor of Fort Defiance, and access one of the terminals inside.

Below are all the steps needed to complete the Heart of the Enemy quest in Fallout 76, and this shouldn't take you too long.

  • On the 4th floor of Fort Defiance, read Scribe Grant's Terminal
  • In the same room as Scribe Grant's Terminal, there should be some papers titled 'Mission 099-01 Orders'
  • Pick these up, and head over to Vault-Tec University
  • Once here, go over to the Automated Research Terminal, and input the passcode ' !hOpe4FUTURE*'
  • Next, go to the Power Terminal, and use the same passcode on the Terminal
  • Now is the fun part, this will require you to collect Scorchbeast DNA, which can be found throughout the wild
  • Once you have enough DNA, input it within the Automated Centrifuge
  • Analyze it, and this will complete the quest!